Full seafood platter with lemon wedge on top

Try our recipe for a perfect southern fish fry.

October is National Seafood Month, and there’s no better time to enjoy fresh local fish in the Chesapeake Bay area. In the South, our favorite way to cook our catch is fried, of course. And with our original blend of freshly ground flours and southern seasoning, our new Byrd Mill Seasoned, Mild and Spicy Seafood Breaders, gives you the perfect blend of spice and crunch for your large croakers, flounder, speckled trout, striped bass (Rockfish in Virginia) and puppy drum.

We’re spoiled for choice here in Virginia with an abundance of seafood. Watermen sometimes dock right out back of restaurants, and deliver the catch of the day fresh off the boat. People here enjoy the freshest fish and shellfish, and often eat it on the same day it comes ashore. There are plenty of great restaurants, but if you’re cooking, choose from our Regular, Mild and Spicy Seafood Breaders for an authentic southern fish fry experience. After you bread your filets, some of our local southern chefs report that putting them in the fridge for about an hour before frying to a golden brown works well.

Don’t forget to serve up your fish or seafood with a big basket of easy-to-make hush puppies and a bowl of homemade tarter sauce for dipping. Our recipe for restaurant-style tarter sauce is to taste, so you make it just as you like. The basic ingredients are mayo, sweet pickle relish, grated onion, fresh lemon juice, a few capers and a dash of worcestershire and hot sauce all mixed up to taste.

*Virginia Oyster month is in November. With the status as the largest producer of fresh, farm-raised oysters in the country, Virginia is fast becoming the oyster capital of the East Coast. If you like your oysters crisp and fried, then try our old-fashioned Seafood Breaders. You can’t beat the great taste and crunch!


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