The Southern Cobbler

Recently, we were asked if cobbler is a pie or a cake. Well, we think it’s more like a pie, but better. Some call it buckle, roly-poly, flummery or pandowdy, but we call it delicious. It’s a straightforward dish with a history around these parts. It’s one of the most popular fruit desserts in the South. Southern cooks are masterful when it comes to making them. Fresh peaches or juicy ripe berries make great cobblers, but this time of year we’re enjoying our cobblers with fresh apples here a Byrd Mill. Our rainy summer led to one of the best harvests in years. This Autumn, our Apples are crisp, full of flavor and down-right amazing for making cobblers.

We always try to use what’s available locally, and in the season. But if you’re in a pinch, the cobbler mix works well with any type of fruit —fresh, frozen or canned. Choose water-packed fruits and cans of pie fillings for quick cobbler, but be sure to drain the fruits into a measuring cup, and follow the baking instructions. You really can’t go wrong with our trusty Helen’s Fruit Cobbler Mix. It’s an old recipe, but a goody. And it’s one of our must popular baking mixes.

The best thing about it, is that it’s so easy to make and it can be ready for the oven in just minutes. It’s just right for a weekday night, after a cold, blustery day when you need a bit of comfort food to warm up. And you can top it with butter and cream for an even richer, decadent dessert. It’s irresistible.

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