March is National Flour Month

March is National Flour Month! So it’s a great time to do some baking. If you are a true cook, flour is your friend. Just look how flour is essential to our everyday lives. Flour is necessary for baking breads and pastries. It’s pretty darn hard to make pies, cobblers or cakes without flour. And what would Sunday mornings be without the smell of fresh baked muffins filling the house.
To get started Byrd Mill offers many freshly milled, no preservatives added flours for different baking purposes.Byrd Mill’s Natural Unbleached Flour is great for baking cakes, donuts and pastries. Patrick Henry All Purpose Flour is bleached and a lighter flour used best for quick breads, cookies, biscuits and pie crusts. Patrick Henry’s Self Rising Flour has the salt and leavening (baking powder) all ready added in. Byrd Mill also offers Whole wheat flour and Buckwheat flour. Baking from scratch is a lot of fun and very rewarding. So begin by making your family a dessert from scratch tonight.

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