It’s Easy to Cook Like a Southerner

If you’re from the Southeast, you know about candied sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, sweet potato pies and sweet potato mash. Lucky for us, sweet potatoes have been an important part of the diet in this part of the country for most of its history.

These creamy, orange-fleshed beauties are still a main staple food in traditional Southern cuisine especially around the holidays. But there’s not need to wait until the festivities begin to start baking with sweet potatoes. They’re packed with nutritional benefits and loaded with goodness. You can easily whip something up in the kitchen like a true Southerner using Byrd Mill’s gourmet baking mixes.

Turn that oven on and impress your grandma, kids and friends with some of our old time favorites like Byrd Mill’s Sweet Potato Scone Mix or our Byrd Mill Sweet Potato Biscuit Mix. Everyone will be glad you did!

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