An Authentic Southern Hushpuppy

Hushpuppies are classic comfort food no matter where you’re from. These delicious bite-sized dumplings of cornmeal are deep-fried and traditionally served with fried fish.

They’ve got a long Southern history. Legend has it that Civil War soldiers would sit beside campfires, make these golden nuggets from leftover bits of cornbread, and then fry them up in their cast iron pots for something tastier than their rations. Their trusty dogs were apparently enchanted with these little tidbits and soldiers would offer them with the command “hush puppy.” They say these worked like a charm.

Since the 1800’s, these tasty little morsels have established themselves and staked their claim on dinner plates all over the South. Today the historic hushpuppy is a barbecue staple and a must alongside a plate of fried fish. And it’s usually the favorite part of the meal for children.

Why not try some next time you find yourself with lots of freshly caught fish (croaker here in the Bay) in the cooler. There’s nothing better than fresh fish, hushpuppies and a side of slaw served up with a generous helping of summer sunshine and fresh air.

So, when the sun gets low and your fish are ready to fry, mix up a batch of our tasty Byrd Mill Hush Puppy Mix for a side dish that’s been a favorite on the southern table for nearly 200 years. You won’t be disappointed!

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