A Taste of Southern History, 18th Century Spoon Bread Mix

The Byrd Mill tradition started back in 1740 when a young Patrick Henry and other area farmers brought corn, wheat and buckwheat fresh from their fields to the Mill. They took back freshly milled and processed grains to be used in their homes for porridges, breads and other staples of the time.
A few of these old favorite recipes are still popular today in Virginia. Byrd Mill offers artisan quality baking mixes based on these time honored, historical southern recipes. Our 18th Century Spoon Bread Mix is a creamy-soft bread served by the spoonful at special family gatherings and is always part of our Thanksgiving meal.
In his book, Southern Food, John Egerton stated that spoon bread probably originated in Virginia around 1824. Others say that with rich ingredients like butter, milk, and eggs this recipe clearly must have came after the civil war.
We don’t claim to know when it all started, but we do know that spoon bread has been served for generations in our house. Even the finickiest eaters enjoy the smooth soufflé-like texture of Grandmother’s spoon bread. So try a bit of history with your next meal, this dish can easily be prepared at home by you.

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